Relaxing & Refreshing
Aroma Series

Aromatherapy is frequently used to address an array of mental and physical issues, ranging from stress and anxiety to headaches and digestive concerns. The new series of Relaxing and Refreshig Aroma Series developed for covenient used. Unlikely to essential oil, the series of products able to be used directly to skin. Bring more convenient and better user experience.


Magnesium chloride is an easy-to-absorb form of magnesium that may be able to raise levels of this nutrient within the body when applied topically to the skin. Magnesium is an important nutrient. It has multiple functions within the body. Magnesium can help boost energy as well as relax, it soothes muscle tension and helps hydrate the skin.

Relaxing Aroma
Magnesium Lotion

Lavender + Rosemary

Relaxing | Soothing | Calming

Refreshing Aroma
Magnesium Lotion

Peppermint + Grapefruit

Energising | Revitalising | Balancing

Tips for Using Aroma Magnesium Lotion

Restless Legs

Apply onto the backs of your legs and/or affected muscles and rub in, 20 minutes before bed. It will completely absorb in a matter of seconds

Muscle Pain / Joint Pain

Rub into the affected area and surrounding muscle groups. If the problem is persistent, target it each morning as part of your routine. Apply even when there is no pain to ensure you build up your magnesium levels in that area.

Migraines / Tension Headaches

Rub into the back of your neck, temples and jaw to make them go away. Rubbing into the back of the neck each morning will assist with preventing the onset of migraines/headaches.

Insomnia / Sleep

Boil 2 cups of water. Pour the water into a bowl and add 1-4 drops of oil Rub onto the tops of your feet, heels and backs of legs before bed.

Cramping / Twitching

Apply directly to the site of the cramp/twitch (avoid getting in the eyes). For prevention, rub into cramp-prone areas daily to boost magnesium levels.

Nervous Tension / Stress

Rub into your chest and pulse points (e.g. on the inside of the wrists) in the morning. To help keep your stress levels down, rub into the tops of your feet and backs of the legs before bed.

General Health

The best place to absorb magnesium into your body is actually under the arms, straight into the lymphatic system. The pulse points are also a great place to apply daily.

Convenient Essential Oil Roller

Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of meticulously selected essential oils with unique therapeutic properties. The rollerball design ensures convenient and mess-free application, allowing you to experience the soothing benefits wherever life takes you. Perfect for those hectic days or quiet moments of self-care, this portable roller effortlessly fits into your pocket or handbags. A harmonious fusion of nature’s finest essences designed to enhance your every moment.

Lavender Essential Oil Roller

Calming & Relaxation | Reduce Anxiety

Improve Quality of Sleep

Peppermint Essential Oil Roller

Refresh Breathing Experience | Relieve Tension & Stress

Relieve Headaches & Migranes

Benefits of Essential Oil Roller

Quick & Easy

Safe on Skin

on the go

Scent your body
with unique natural fragrance

Travel Friendly

Boost energy &
mental focus

How to Use

Enjoy your aromatic moments with apply to the wrists, neck and any other areas. Reapply as necessary throughout the day.